Most people probably only know two Golden Earring songs, tops: the 1973 slab of guitar boogie “Radar Love” and the schlocky 1982 synth-rock hit “Twilight Zone.” These Dutch boys actually started out in the early 60s as Golden Earrings (named after a pop standard that the band Gandalf would later reimagine as an amazing hippie-soul number) and spent that decade exploring garage and psychedelic music. During those years they were way weirder and cooler than you’d guess from listening to “Twilight Zone”—according to the band’s Wikipedia page their cover of the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High” could last as long as 45 minutes.

Their big hit in the Netherlands during that time was “Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong,” an enjoyably ditzy piece of psych pop with one of the most embarrassing titles in rock history. My personal jam of the moment, though, is a few years older and comes from a time when the group had a darker garage sound. “Daddy Buy Me a Girl” is a pretty song, filled out with Autoharp and 12-string guitar, but it’s got a bite of menace in its aftertaste that I find addictive. Given that it’s a song about a broken-hearted rich kid who’s been burned by a gold digger, it only makes sense that the band filmed a video where they take a hot chick to the circus: