Daily Kos has way too much material to read, let alone digest, but SusanG said it so well the other day:

“Would you hire a babysitter who hates children and thinks they should be eliminated? Or who declares for years in your hearing that children are irritants who should be starved to be small, unseen and mute?

“Would you hire cops who think laws are stupid and useless and should be abolished?

“Would you hire a conductor for your orchestra who believes music itself an abomination?

“Then why would you hire–and you did hire them, America; they are your employees, after all, not your rulers, despite their grandiose pretensions–members of a political party who think government is useless, ineffective, bloated and untrustworthy?

“You’ve hired for your kitchen the chef who spits in your food because he despises preparing meals.

“You’ve hired for your yardwork the gardener who sets out to kill your roses to demonstrate his assertion that they will die in your climate.

“You’ve hired for your office the accountant who’s staked his career on proving no accurate books can be kept.”

All this reminds me that I have long argued something like the converse: that privatization of transit or schools, for instance, might be a really good idea, provided that the contracts are written, put out for bids, and zealously monitored by government employees who truly care that the underlying services are delivered properly. Yeah, I know–good luck.