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The shoe to the left is half a set of kicks described on Osneaker.com as the “Nike Air Yeezy Gay Fish,” in tribute to South Park‘s Kanye-bashing episode, which has single-handedly made fish sticks funny again. (Though for some of us they never stopped being funny in the first place.)

What’s notable about the Air Yeezy Gay Fish isn’t so much the colorway applied to Kanye’s signature shoe–it’s actually pretty great in a garish sort of way–but rather the fact that, unless they’re made out of bootleg sneakers or don’t actually exist outside Photoshop, someone used a very rare kick that can already command a $700 Buy It Now price on eBay (despite being released less than three weeks ago) in order to make an elaborate joke with a $1,500 price tag attached to it.

If you don’t think the Air Yeezy is a big deal, be aware that there’s already a short documentary about it. That’s the kind of obsessive behavior that broke me of my sneaker-freak tendencies years ago, though not before I spent a shitload of my stupid money on shoes that I was afraid to wear out of the house. (Love you, deep burgundy Air Jordan V’s.)

(As with most Kanye news, this came from Fake Shore Drive.)