On ordinary days the LifeGems outfit in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village will turn “the carbon of your loved one” into “a certified, high-quality diamond” ($3,499 and up). But this must be an extraordinary day. 

“To showcase our newest technology, we are creating three LifeGem diamonds with the carbon from Ludwig van Beethoven’s hair!

“These will be the only three diamonds ever created from Beethoven’s carbon and could be considered the three most rare and valuable diamonds in the world.

“After a worldwide tour of museums and opera houses, the Beethoven LifeGems will be auctioned online right here, and the proceeds will go towards creating LifeGem diamonds for underprivileged and military families.  For detailed information on Project Beethoven LifeGem, or if you are interested in showcasing or bidding on one of the three extremely rare Beethoven LifeGem diamonds, click here.”

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution, who tracks “markets in everything.”