The City Council’s great debate over the Children Museum is over, and the burning question is this: How did we do with our predictions

Overall, not so bad. The council voted 33-16 with one absentee (alderman Carrie Austin) to approve Mayor Daley’s proposal to move the Children’s Museum into Grant Park over the wishes of local alderman Brendan Reilly and many of his constituents. Mick predicted the vote would go 35-15 for the mayor; Ben, ever the optimist, had it going 31-19. Here’s where we blundered.

Second Ward alderman Robert Fioretti: We both predicted he would vote against the mayor, but he wimped out. Some days he’s acted like an independent; now he’s behaving like one of the boys, albeit slicker and smoother. So what’s he angling for?

Third Ward alderman Pat Dowell: Ben picked it–she voted against the mayor. As she called out to Mick before today’s vote, “You had me wrong.” Glad to hear it.

Fifth Ward alderman Leslie Hairston: Voted against the mayor after we predicted she wouldn’t. Obviously she has more guts–or more vocal lakefront constituents–than we thought.

Thirteenth Ward alderman Frank Olivo: He voted with the mayor. Ben: “I thought his boss, Michael Madigan, would make him go to bat for Reilly, Madigan’s former legislative aide. Boy, did I misjudge Madigan’s loyalty. I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with him.” Mick: “A ‘no’ vote would have required Olivo to say something other than ‘aye.'”

Fifteenth Ward alderman Toni Foulkes: We predicted she would vote against the mayor, but she voted with him. Got to give credit to–gulp–Orion, one of this blog’s leading fans/critics. He hit this one right on the head when he wrote, “Ring up another one we have flipped.”

Twenty-first Ward alderman Howard Brookins: This was a late-hour flip–trust us. The mayor must have put the squeeze on. And hard.

Twenty-second Ward alderman Rick Munoz: We had him voting against the mayor–in fact, we thought this one was a no-brainer–but he didn’t. Is he going the way of Helen Shiller? Does this mean he won’t be able to lead the independent caucus anymore?

24th Ward alderman Sharon Denise Dixon: We assumed she traded her vote for the Ogden-Pulaski TIF deals. But she proved us wrong. West side!

26th Ward alderman Billy Ocasio: A resounding ‘yes’ when we’d both predicted  no. Ben: “I didn’t really believe he had the guts to buck the mayor–Mick made me do it, I swear.” Mick: “Mayor Daley made Ocasio do it–I swear.”

41st Ward alderman Brian Doherty: We predicted he would vote with the mayor, but he rebelled. There must be more opposition to the museum on far northwest side than we realized (which just goes to show you what lackeys alderman Margaret Laurino and Patrick Levar are).

44th Ward alderman Tom Tunney: Ben was right and Mick was wrong–he voted against the mayor. Mick: “To my shock, he stuck up for the lakefront, not the man.”

47th Ward alderman Eugene Schulter: Same as Tunney. Mick: “In other words, he caught hell from his ward.”