Accelerate Culture, an initiative of Arts Alliance Illinois, has released the answers to a set of arts-related questions it recently submitted to both candidates in the Chicago mayoral race.

Their responses look a lot like what we’ve already seen in the debates: Rahm is very good at rattling off checklists of specific accomplishments likely to be more dazzling than meaningful. And Chuy is mostly equipped with generalizations, good intentions, and plans to appoint folks to study the problem.

Of the ten questions put to the candidates, the one that got the most succinct response was this:

What was the last local cultural institution or performance you attended? When?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “In the last few months I’ve taken my family to see Hubbard Street, the Joffrey, and Airline Highway at Steppenwolf. They were all a welcome escape from the grueling schedule of a campaign!”

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: “The last cultural performance I attended was the Cuatro Festival at Harris Theater on November 8, 2014. My family and I actively attend many culturally diverse events throughout the City of Chicago.”

November? Really? Is there a strategist on the Chuy campaign?

It’s worth noting that Accelerate Culture was created as a “steward,” to “advocate for, promote, and monitor the implementation of” Rahm’s 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan. It receives support from (among others) the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Check the questions and answers out for yourself here.