• Paul Boucher
  • The White Sox rest their pennant hopes on Jake Peavy Wednesday

Well, the White Sox enter Wednesday still a game ahead of the Detroit Tigers, in first place in the American League Central Division, but only thanks to the Cleveland Indians.

The Sox lost to the Minnesota Twins by the football score of 18-9 Tuesday, while the Indians were shaving the Tigers 3-2.

There wasn’t a whole lot to be confident about.

One will notice from my earlier posts on the Sox that I was never especially high on pitcher Jose Quintana. He pitched some great and important games for the Sox earlier in the season, but I always figured the league would catch up with him.

Quintana doesn’t have great stuff; instead, he gets by on deception. Consulting my notes from a June game against the Toronto Blue Jays, I wrote that the southpaw “sashays to the right, places his left foot against the rubber, hesitates, tests his left leg as if to see if it will hold his weight, then kicks into his delivery.”

This is the sort of pitcher who might confound hitters the first time around, but against whom they come back with a vengeance later on.