• Ted Cox
  • Even the dog sensed something awful about to happen and wanted out before Wednesday’s Sox game.

The White Sox didn’t need any help showing anyone how to walk the dog Wednesday night. On the second Dog Day of the season at White Sox Park, they walked 12 Indians on the way to a 6-4 loss to Cleveland.

Months ago I predicted it would be the night the Sox clinched the American League Central Division title. Instead, it was the night they fell behind the Detroit Tigers, who seized first place with a 5-4 win over the Kansas City Royals.

It seemed in many ways as if the Sox were walking the dogs to be put to sleep.

That’s in large part because the gutless Sox pitchers wouldn’t throw strikes. They walked 12 men—did I say that already?—and it seemed as if they were ahead of the count on most before nibbling away at the corners and losing them. It produced a game that lasted almost four hours for nine innings—and one that the Sox fully deserved to lose, as the Tribe left 12 men on base.