The Blender magazine/ site–apparently someone decided that the best partner for a magazine that’s obsessed with Ashlee Simpson’s boobs would be a Web site that’s obsessed with a squirrel’s balls–isn’t where you go to discover whatever British/midwestern/teenage band is going to blow up the internets for the next three days. But it’s usually good for some gossip, or learning what insane thing Michael Jackson is talking about now. Today it does a valuable service by pointing us to this piece of low-budget video gold. As a piece of Chicago music history, this is huge. Really, aside from the “Super Bowl Shuffle” we have very little idea what the city’s vanity rock projects were like at the time. Did they involve big hair? Were there mega-weak guitar solos? Did the videos inexplicably focus on “No Parking” signs? Was Mike Ditka moonlighting as a limo driver? Thanks to this video we now know that the answer to most of these questions is, “Probably.” 

Also, the vocal melody and the singer’s eccentric phrasing sound exactly like Daniel Johnston, which creeps me out for some reason.