There are still tickets available for Devo’s pro-Obama “Duty Now for the Future” concert on October 17 at the Akron Civic Theater in Ohio; proceeds benefit the Summit County Democratic Party. Fellow Akronites the Black Keys are on the bill, and Mark Mothersbaugh says another homie, Chrissie Hynde, may make an appearance if her schedule allows. 

On the need to halt the avalanche-like acceleration of the de-evolution process: “Ohio is where we need to be,” says Mothersbaugh, who lives in LA now. “My wife Anita convinced me of this after we had attended yet another Obama event here in California. It’s great that we’re all for Obama, but sitting around in our BLUE bubble doesn’t do anything for his chances in the battleground states. We all have a vested interest in what happens here–our families and friends who have been hurt [by] the nonsense of the past eight years. We hope to make an impact with this concert, and raise consciousness to what’s happened in Ohio in the past–and what will happen again if people are not made aware of what their vote means. Our country is currently struggling under the burden of the unrestrained greed and political blunders of the current administration. We need a presidential team that can pilot us out of this mess. I think that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are our only hope. That’s why we are here.”

J.R. Taylor of the snarky conservative blog RightWingTrash laments: “We were especially saddened to see Devo doing an Akron, Ohio reunion benefit for Obama. It’s almost enough to keep us from seriously considering buying the new Japanese import box set that repackages all the original Warner Bros Devo albums as mini-LP replicas with reproductions of all the original inserts.”