With so many bands’ performances overlapping at the annual Pitchfork Music Festival, it’s impossible to catch everything you want. So as part of this year’s Pitchfork coverage, we’ve asked Reader writers and contributors to provide their festival itineraries, along with a brief explanation for why (and why not) to see certain bands.

But we’re not just collecting the staff’s opinions. We want readers’ itineraries as well. And we’re going to give a three-day pass to the reader who submits our favorite.

E-mail your hour-by-hour, band-by-band itinerary (200 max words per day please), along with your full name, to pitchforkitinerary@chicagoreader.com by Tuesday, July 3. Bonus points for being clever, of course—and feel free to suggest stuff to do at Pitchfork besides watch bands.

Not only will the person who pens our favorite itinerary receive a three-day pass, we’ll also print one day of his or her itinerary in our July 12 Pitchfork issue. We’ll also publish the full, three-day itineraries of the winner and runners-up online, and we’ll be tweeting some of the best itinerary lines in defense of a given band throughout the coming weeks.

So start drafting now, because what do you have to lose—other than not going to the festival at all?