Have you wondered if your aldermen was one of the 28 who have gone to court to try to get corporation counsel Mara Georges to turn over an unexpurgated list of the names of police officers who have repeatedly been accused of excessive force? They’re no secret — they’re listed on court documents. But those documents aren’t exactly at everyone’s fingertips.

The names are, however, thanks to Chicagoist. Given that the aldermen are only asking for a document a federal judge has told them they’re entitled to see, a more pertinent list might be the one of aldermen who didn’t sign the petition. What’s their problem?

Here are the 22 nonconfrontationalists:

John Pope
James Balcer
George Cardenas
Frank Olivo
Ed Burke
Virginia Rugai
Michael Zalewski
Daniel Solis
Ike Carothers
Ariel Reboyras
Ray Suarez
Richard Mell
William Banks
Thomas Allen
Margaret Laurino
Patrick O’Connor
Brian Doherty
Vi Daley
Patrick Levar
Gene Schulter
Mary Ann Smith
Bernard Stone