The Asthmatic Kitty label, home to Sufjan Stevens and a bunch of other cutesy indie rockers, has got a little sass in its pants today. A not-so-hot review on Pitchfork has inspired them to try a snarky-sounding experiment in CD pricing. From a press release today:

Sure, there’s been a lot of focus on you, the people who buy the music. But while we were reading Pitchfork’s review of Grampall Jookabox’s new album, Ropechain, we started to wonder: who’s thinking about the music critics here? Everyone is looking to the consumer for guidance on pricing in an Internet-driven world, but don’t music reviewers deserve some attention?

Today we are officially experimenting with what we call the Critic-Based Pricing Structure. Instead of selling Ropechain for our standard $10, or letting consumers pick their own price, we have let Pitchfork determine the price. Pitchfork gave Ropechain a 5.4. So, for the next 54 hours, Grampall Jookabox’s Ropechain album is available for just $5.40 (+S&H). That’s right, $5.40. Be part of this experiment by buying it. You can only participate using this link right here to get the CD. 

The thickly sarcastic tone of this pricing stunt has me thinking that someone is trying to make someone else feel guilty about writing a bad review, but if that’s the case, it’s full of fail–media folks always feel like they’re winning as long as people are talking about them.