Chaz Allen in his room back in 2013

Earlier this week a mashup of Brooklyn chanteuse Lana Del Rey and Atlanta-via-Mississippi rap duo Rae Sremmurd took hold of handfuls of music sites. The tune combines the somber-strings instrumental of Del Rey’s 2011 breakthrough “Video Games” and Rae Sremmurd’s slo-mo, Billboard 100 charting anthem “No Type”; like any good mashup this track, which is dubbed “Lana Del Rae,” reflects its distinct parts and creates its own identity. The producer who made the song is Chazzzy, aka local genre-blurring wunderkind and SPF420 cofounder Chaz Allen.

“Lana Del Rae” has taken off this week, and by Wednesday it garnered 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. But Allen hasn’t gotten as much credit for the track as he deserves—at least, I don’t think so. When Billboard posted the mashup on Tuesday they didn’t include Allen’s name. Pigeons & Planes referred to him as “someone named Chazzzy.” Revolt TV actually took the time to ask Allen about the genesis of the track—he said it “was like a 15-minute drunk production and was just kind of for friends as a joke.”

I e-mailed Allen to find out who he sent the mashup to when he finished it, and he told me, “I mostly just pass shit around to my SPF420 homies and if they all like it, I’m happy!” “Lana Del Rae” is one of several mashups Allen’s thrown on the web. “I’d been experimenting a lot with the Twee/trap mashup thing so I have a lot of them from just being bored,” he says. Allen uploaded “Lana Del Rae” to Soundcloud about a month ago, and the song didn’t start leaking onto music sites till Gorilla vs. Bear founder and editor Chris Cantalini posted it Monday.

Cantalini tells me he found Allen’s Soundcloud a couple weeks ago and thinks the producer’s work is interesting. “I just love the way he changes up the feel of ‘No Type’ entirely and turns it into something kind of melancholy and dark,” Cantalini says. “I’ve always loved ‘Video Games’ and I’m way more into the Rae Sremmurd record [SremmLife] than I thought I would be, and since it came out this week I thought it’d be a good nod to them to post with some cool shots that our photographer Faith Silva shot at their Jimmy Fallon appearance.”

The Tuesday release of SremmLife provided the hook for other sites to catch onto the month-old mashup. As more people flock to “Lana Del Rae” and spread it around—at least one person’s uploaded the track to YouTube—I hope it can serve as an introduction to the rest of Allen’s work and SPF420. The Tinychat-based concert series grew exponentially the past year, and it’s family now includes producers such as XXYYXX and Ryan Hemsworth.

With more and more people evangelizing SPF420 it could be a matter of months before it completely outgrows the confines of Tinychat (enough people have flooded SPF420 shows to disrupt broadcasts before). The release of SremmLife could be that tipping point, with “Lana Del Rae” providing a window to the SPF420 community. At the very least I hope more people wind up glued to Allen’s Soundcloud page. He’s keeping positive and level-headed about the response to his mashup: “Honestly if anything comes out of this blip of hype, I hope I just get booked for more shows because DJing is so fun!”