Late last night Gawker reported on a weird vicious circle of self-perpetuating media hype that turned one of LA’s beloved televised police-car chases into “Chris Brown is on the run from cops because he beat up Rihanna.” But it wasn’t him in the white Bentley the cops were chasing. Then somehow–I’m guessing that the Internet was involved–“Chris Brown” turned into “DJ Khaled,” even though there’s no good reason why DJ Khaled would be on the run from the LAPD unless Los Angeles passed a strict ban on shitty group-rap producers that I didn’t hear about.

Whoever it was in the car brought the slow-speed excitement to an abrupt halt by killing himself. Idolator checked into the situation and figured out that DJ Khaled isn’t dead, as rumor had it, but is in fact in Miami and hard at work on Rick Ross’s next record (even though he should be in jail for his music). No word yet on who the unfortunate driver really was.