The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel came by my job, still can’t stand this muthafucka tho

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For the last few days I’ve been sifting through the tea leaves, searching for clues to help me figure whether Chuy or Rahm will win this mayoral election.

I’m not exactly a disinterested party in this game of prognostication.

At our First Tuesdays show March 3 at the Hideout, I got a little carried away by the crowd and boldly predicted a victory for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

A prediction I’d pretend I hadn’t made, if not for the fact that Peter Holderness—the world’s greatest videographer—was on hand to record it. Here, check it out.

These days I’m not so certain who will win, as there are many conflicting signs.

For instance, I saw that Mayor Emanuel recently picked up endorsements from dozens of black ministers and I thought, looks like he’s winning the all-important Willie Wilson vote.

Even though Wilson himself endorsed Garcia.

But then Mayor Rahm got booed at this week’s forum at Chicago State University. So who knows where the black vote’s going?

I figured the lefty vote—whatever it is—was a lock for Chuy. Then I read the article by Micah Uetricht, associate editor of In These Times, about GQ.

That’s the guy who became an Instagram sensation when he posted a picture of himself with Mayor Rahm captioned “The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel came by my job, still can’t stand this muthafucka tho.”

Turns out GQ’s a big fan of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

You’d figure a guy who loves Senator Warren and can’t stand Rahm would have voted early for Chuy.

But GQ tells Uetricht that, though he won’t vote for Rahm, he’s not 100 percent certain he’ll vote for Chuy, as he needs to know more about his positions.

Uh-oh, uncertainty in the ranks. Score one for Rahm.

But, wait—this just in from an Aldertrack article about an aldermanic forum in the Tenth Ward, on the far southeast side.

According to Aldertrack, John Pope, up against the ropes in a runoff against Susan Sadlowski Garza, didn’t offer an endorsement in the mayoral election.

Which is sort of Alderman Pope’s way of saying—don’t blame me for that muthafucka.

As GQ (and the mayor himself) might put it.

This is a surprising nonendorsement from Pope, who’s pretty much been a loyal mayoral rubber stamp since Rahm took office.

I guess his pollsters are telling him the Tenth Ward’s working-class voters are trending for Chuy.

Meanwhile, in my community on the gentrified north side—where the locals love Mayor Rahm almost as much as they love the deli counter at Mariano’s . . .

I thought Chuy might win a few votes from nearby CPS parents, what with all the school cuts and all.

But then I got word that my dear friend V—a CPS parent and proud of it—voted early for Rahm.

It’s bad news for Chuy if he can’t win the votes of parents whose schools under Rahm barely have enough money for janitors.

V sent me an apologetic Facebook message apologizing for her Rahm vote. That’s OK, V, I still love you.

Hold it!

I just got off the phone with Janis, who teaches fifth grade at a school on the northwest side.

In a poll she took of 68 fifth-graders—who are probably repeating what they hear from their parents . . .

Chuy won 60 percent of the vote!

That suggests Chuy’s winning the all-important northwest-side white vote.

Can you say Mayor Garcia?

Don’t worry, V, if it happens, I’ll help you get through it.

In the meantime, everybody, enjoy Mayor 1%, this latest bit of laughing at the king—while’s he’s still the king.

It’s some funny stuff by Penny and the Jets, a group who might consider a name change.