The label-less, pay-what-you-want download of In Rainbows has banked Radiohead a lot of loot, their fans seem ecstatic, and the distribution structure seems to be the hot new thing in Internet-ified commerce. But the band’s former label, EMI, isn’t sharing in the love-fest. The upcoming reissue of Radiohead’s seven albums for the label—in box set, downloadable, and custom USB stick formats—may be purposely designed to spite the band, if an unnamed tipster who contacted BoingBoing about the matter is correct:

Despite their contract being expired, EMI had been counting on the revenue from the forthcoming album. When the band put out the digital version of the album themselves, EMI threatened them with re-releasing their entire catalog on the same day the discbox of IN RAINBOWS was being sent out, Dec 10, unless the band gave EMI the standard physical release of the album.

I wonder if the rumor will get big enough to get a comment from Radiohead or EMI.