At her blog, Adventures in Sustainable Design, local ecoconscious designer Anne Novotny of Frei Designs reports that Katie Holmes will be wearing some of her creations in a new movie:

Exciting News: some clothing pieces from the frei spring 2009 collection will be featured in the new movie Katie Holmes is currently filming in New York called “The Extra Man.” Katie was captured by some paparazzi wearing the cotton and hemp blend indigo stripe “new K pant” (named after the lovely Katherine Hepburn and her love of a good tailored trouser)- check out this pic I pulled off a gossip site! There are other photos out in blog land of her in these same trousers, but unfortunately she is wearing ugg boots with the pant legs stuffed into the boots and it is difficult to see the cut! These trousers are being shipped to all kinds of amazing shops across the country as we speak.

Granted, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to be busting down the movie publicist’s door asking who designed Katie’s trousers, but celebrity spottings are still valuable currency for emerging designers.