• Christopher de VInck

In our topsy-turvy media world not much happens in sequence. First I spotted Charlie Meyerson on Facebook slamming Christopher de Vinck for an op-ed in Sunday’s Tribune that maybe waxed a shade too enthusiastic about the joys of an old-fashioned childhood. Hours later I opened the Trib and read de Vinck’s piece for myself.

What a letdown! I’d expected so much worse. I give Meyerson this: lines like “If you never used a rhododendron leaf as a dollar bill to ‘pay’ for ‘gasoline,’ you have never been a true child,” do sail into space. I was a true child (I think), and I never used a rhododendron to “pay” for anything. Neither did any kid I knew. None of us had any idea what a rhododendron even looked like, and to tell the truth, to this day I still don’t. I dimly remember the then British poet laureate rhyming rhododendron with Hendron in a paean to Virginia Wade back in the 70s, but that nifty effort didn’t make me curious about the flower.

My currency of choice was baseball cards and comic books.