This just in: Henry Adaniya of the late Trio has resurfaced on Oahu with a hot dog shop serving–get this–foie gras hot dogs! Well, I never. 

Hank’s Haute Dogs will serve classic Chicago dogs, polishes, a local Portuguese sausage (available with kimchi), brats, something called a “no dog” (with avocado, tomato, onion, cucumber, Chinese parsley, chipotle mayo, cheddar), and, according to this interview, a series of custom dogs featuring “lobster, rabbit, boar, buffalo, venison . . . ” In the aforementioned piece Adaniya says his inspiration was the hot dog stand his parents ran on a Hawaiian beach before he was born. 

Of course the real question is why Doug Sohn’s business model hasn’t been kyped in every city on the planet by now.