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Yesterday Black Voice News reported that former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun is “seriously considering” a run for mayor, after reportedly being “flooded with calls” of encouragement on the day Richard M. Daley announced his retirement. Huh. Maybe the mayoral race won’t be an all-dudes affair after all.

Today, Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell confirms Moseley Braun’s interest in the job. “I think people are prepared to support the most qualified person, without regard to race and gender,” the could-be candidate—currently the head of her own organic food and beverages company—told Mitchell. “My qualifications should win the day.”

We’ve heard quite a bit about Rahm Emanuel and his “hard-nosed” and “notoriously bare-knuckled” style, which makes him sound like he’d just spend his mayoral term fist-fighting everyone. Other names being tossed around include Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and several other guys. Very little discussion has involved any female candidates.