In a fine bit of midwestern synergy, Wilco is playing A Prairie Home Companion tomorrow night in Minneapolis. The new album, Sky Blue Sky, isn’t due until 5/15, but you can listen to the whole thing at Wilco’s web site. The player is buggy on my computer (Flash embedded in QuickTime, a recipe for disaster) but the stream is very high quality (thumbs up).

The Trib‘s Greg Kot, who literally wrote the book on Wilco, has a very positive review as well as a brief interview with Jeff Tweedy, and he’s got some info on the (entirely analog) recording of the album. Kot compares the recording process to Dylan and the Band’s The Basement Tapes, but the result is smooth, often jazzy, and sounds immaculate. Lots of crisp dueling guitars. I agree with my friend and occasional commenter Morcy, who describes it as Big Star + Steely Dan.