The Tribune and Sun-Times reported Thursday that convicted murderer Darrell Cannon wants to add Mayor Richard Daley and former mayor Jane Byrne to his federal lawsuit, which alleges that his confession was extracted by torture. When Cannon was convicted, 1984, Byrne was mayor and Daley was state’s attorney, and Commander Jon Burge–who would be thrown off the police force amid allegations of torture in 1993–was still running Area Two, where the detectives who arrested Cannon worked. The murder conviction was vacated in 1997, but Cannon remains in prison for violating parole in connection with a 1971 murder. Of all the cases involving Burge’s accusers, Cannon’s is one of the most complicated and important. You’ll find the full story in our archive of work by Reader staff writer John Conroy, who’s been writing about Burge since 1990.

UPDATE: As is pointed out in this item’s comments section, Jane Byrne was no longer mayor when Cannon was convicted in 1984, nor was she mayor at the time of the 1983 murder he was convicted of. Attorney Flint Taylor tells me he wants to add Byrne to the lawsuit on the grounds that while mayor, from 1979 to 1983, she encouraged the kind of aggressive police tactics that spawned torture and did not respond to information she received from her police superintendent that it might be taking place.