Tom Roeser was mocking liberals on the radio before it became an industry. And unlike the current crop of storm troopers, he has an ear for liberal-speak. Even back when he was on WBEZ, he was dead-on in his mimicry of public-radio listeners: “I’m saddened, saddened, by this latest development.”  (Update: he’s still got it–check out the Lucky Sperm Club.)

I don’t know the size of his following, but last month on his blog, sandwiched in among posts on the Eisenhower administration, he all but endorsed incumbent Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich. “I support neither [candidate] but prefer that the governor win,” he wrote.

Parse it yourself, but in the process Roeser acknowledged, as many others wish they could, that he voted for Democrat Glenn Poshard against Republican George Ryan (now a convicted felon) in the 1998 governor’s race.

Roeser and those who think like him consider this year’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Judy Baar Topinka, to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only), and more likely than Blagojevich to “raise taxes.”

But after recent revelations that prosecutors are probing 15 different state agencies, and that the governor’s own inspector general found a “complete and utter contempt for the law” in Blago’s hiring practices two years ago, one does wonder. How many more revelations will it take before the Alan Keyes constituency decides to stay home, or cast a clothespin vote for Topinka, rather than vote to give Ald. Richard Mell’s son-in-law a second term?