I was sad to hear of the design documentary Objectified for the first time in the context of tomorrow’s screening at the Music Box being sold out. Fortunately, Coudal comes through with hope: send them a pic of your favorite object, and you might win a pair of tickets.

Update: You can also volunteer for the screening for free tickets and a poster. Check the official film page for details.

Update II: Worth mentioning: the director, Gary Hustwit, also directed Helvetica and produced I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

Full disclosure: I won on the basis of my Bodum travel mug/french press, photographed with my second favorite object, the T-Mobile G1, which has been surprisingly non-buggy for a first-gen electronic gizmo. Third place goes to the open-source mp3 player firmware Rockbox (is software an object?), which saved my iPod repair project from a reboot infinite loop and, with the help of MediaMonkey, freed me from the iTunes chains. Honorable mention: my budget office turntable setup: an only slightly glitchy Dual/Harmon Kardon combo that’s older than me & was less than the cost of a new turntable alone.