There are intelligent conservatives — some of them comment here. But North Carolina Republican Robin Hayes ain’t one of them. He thinks we can win the war in Iraq by spreading “Christian principles” there: “Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the savior.”

History suggests otherwise. Fred Clark explains at Slacktivist (where the comments are good too): “As a Christian, I wish there were something to his suggestion that if only everybody was a Christian there wouldn’t be any more war, but that simply hasn’t proven the case. Despite all that stuff in the Sermon on the Mount, we Christians have a pretty bellicose track record. Historically, the group of Christians that probably most resembles the meek peacemakers Jesus commanded his followers to be is the Amish. And while they may be, themselves, a peaceful people, their history is anything but. The Anabaptists faced lethally violent persecution — all at the hands of other Christians.

“The Amish were never truly safe until they got to America…. Only a secular nation, one with an explicit prohibition against the establishment of religion, could provide a safe haven for the Christlike peace churches.”