is reporting that Chicago’s 89.3 WKKC, the hip-hop and R & B station based out of Kennedy-King College, is completely removing songs with lyrics that are “violent, sexually explicit, derogatory toward women or racially offensive” from its playlist. As director of operations Marv Dyson describes it, “Being a radio station that is under the auspices of an institution of higher learning, 89.3 WKKC-FM will no longer bleep, delete or edit out the offensive language in the songs we play. We simply won’t play them at all.” Which is some bullshit. Like most intelligent people who listen to hip-hop, I don’t like probably 95% of the lyrics that I hear on hip-hop radio. But I don’t think a blanket ban is the answer. For one thing, I think all of the post-Imus attacks on hip-hop are just a dressed up racial panic designed in some right-wing think tank, and to actually let it affect any real change only helps validate it. And for another, yeah I know it’s not technically censorship—WKKC has the same right not to play “offensive” music as CBS did to fire a racist talk-show host—but any sort of openness to the idea makes me nervous. If the threat of real-deal censorship ever comes down, I doubt Dyson and the managers of similarly thought-policed radio stations will be diving into the trenches to help us defend free expression.