Apparently the confusingly prolific James Jackson Toth, also known as Wooden Wand (but not for much longer), is a little tired of sloppy journalists getting their facts wrong when covering him and Vanishing Voice, the band he sometimes (but not always) performs with. Fair enough—I have no doubt that theoretical physicists and Hermetic magicians also get fed up with people who don’t realize just how crucial the difference between, say, string theory and string cheese, or the pronunciation versus mispronunciation of a particular angelic name, can be. And while the info section of the Wooden Wand Web site isn’t all that, well, informative, at least Toth mangles the truth in a more entertaining way than the writers he’s castigating. Tempting as it was to declare his latest screed, as the kids would say, “tl;dr”, that would’ve made me part of the problem, not the solution. So I read the whole thing and I gotta say, it made me “LOL”—with Toth, not at him.

Toth’s next album—possibly his last under the Wooden Wand moniker—is coming out in June on Ecstatic Peace. It’s produced and coarranged by Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, but according to the press release, coarranger and vocalist Jessica Toth “may be the record’s secret weapon. While perhaps best known for her role as lead vocalist and occasional guitarist in Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, on James & The Quiet she emerges as the perfect foil to Toth’s inimitable artistic voice. Together with Ranaldo, Jessica wrote and fine-tuned most of the album’s exquisite harmony vocals and piano lines while Toth himself sat in the studio lounge, drinking beer and reading old issues of Tape Op magazine.” I’ll make sure to make note of that in writing about this record when the time comes.