Fathers are parents too.
  • Nitin Badhwar
  • Fathers are parents too.

On Monday, the New York Times launched a periodic series about careers and families. “Balancing Act” promises to focus on how “working mothers from varied backgrounds” balance career and family responsibilities.

Varied backgrounds—how egalitarian! You can be white, black, Hispanic, or Asian, or rich, or not-so-rich, and this series is for you. So long as you’re a working mother.

It’s 2013, and we’re still treating family-and-career issues as a women’s thing.

“Balancing Act” opened with a front-page story on 42-year-old Sara Uttech, of Fall River, Wisconsin. Uttech handles communications for an agricultural association. She has sons ages eight and 10 and a stepdaughter who’s 15. The kids and the job keep her moving at a wearying pace: