• Danny Mahoney/XS Nightclub
  • Deadmau5 and Kat Von D

At this point is there anyone in America who hasn’t been swept away by the whirlwind romance between EDM superstar Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) and tattoo artist slash reality TV star Kat Von D (real name: Katherine Von Drachenberg), aka “America’s Will and Kate with a heaping tablespoon of that old-timey Hepburn and Tracy glamour?”

I’m kidding, of course. I had no idea that they were even dating until I clicked through a link to a Daily Mail article about a Kate Moss photo shoot and saw an item about the couple’s brand-new engagement, which happened over the weekend via Twitter, that most romantic of social media networks, and there is high likelihood that you didn’t either unless you are a chronic TMZ addict, which I really hope you’re not because that’s awful.

But I was glad that I ran across this particular gossip item. Things have been really grim recently, even for people who don’t have seasonal affective disorder or find the holiday season to be oppressive on a number of distinct levels, as so many of us do. Normally we turn to comedians to distract us when things get unbearable, but sometimes the events unfolding around us are too huge and too horrible to laugh at directly, and the best thing that funny people can do is to respectfully step aside. And that is why it’s such a blessing that we have famous stupid people living hilariously vapid lives very much in public, in real time, for us to enjoy and to laugh at without having to think too hard about whether or not it’s appropriate.

Below, highlights of the epic romance between a guy who’s famous for wearing a foam rubber mouse head and a woman who’s famous for dating a Nazi-festishizing motorcycle mechanic who used to be married to a movie star.