In 2004 a number of world-music presenters based in the midwest launched the World Music Consortium Meetings, annual gatherings where they worked together to spread out the staggering fees and expenses of bringing overseas artists here to play world-music festivals. Since then World Music Festival: Chicago, the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival in Bloomington, Indiana, the Madison World Music Festival, and the Global Union Festival in Milwaukee have frequently block-booked certain artists that might not otherwise make it to the U.S.

This year’s meeting is the first to take place in Chicago, and today about 30 attendees are gathering to discuss the issues that face the various presenters as they program their September events. Local organizers Brian Keigher and Michael Orlove of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs have also organized a showcase of three local bands with an international focus: Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, Fandanguero (pictured), and Steve Gibons’s Gypsy Rhythm Project featuring Nicolae Feraru, all of whom have played Chicago’s World Music Festival in recent years. Though the show, dubbed “the First Annual Chicago Global Warming Party,” is largely geared toward the visiting presenters, it’s also open to the public. It’s tonight at 8 PM at the Morse Theatre.

Today’s playlist:

Jacob Garchik, Romance (Yestereve)
Cheer-Accident, Fear Draws Misfortune (Cuneiform)
Kim Tolliver, Come and Get Me, I’m Ready (Reel Music/Chess)
Oren Ambarchi and Z’ev, Spirit Transform Me (Tzadik)
Tom Ze, Estudando a Bossa (Nordeste Plaza) (Biscoito Fino)