The big local sports story today is the rumor that the Sox might acquire Jake Peavy for four minor-league pitching prospects. Peavy has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the past few years, but there’s always a hitch with Padres pitchers: Petco Park, the most pitching-friendly field in the known universe. While he’s unquestionably good, his home park has been a huge boon to his career. Here are his home/away splits from 06-09:

ERA: 3.75/4.57, 2.51/2.57, 1.74/4.28, 3.47/4.32

BA: .231/.257, .218/.195, .205/.258, .155/.275

SLG: .388/.444, .303/.323, .263/.443, .262/4.67

Most curious to me is the dramatic difference in his K/BB ratio:

4.15/2.69, 4.09/2.97, 4.13/1.91, 5.83/2.62

It’s far from a done deal, but if Peavy ends up on the south side, be sure to adjust your expectations accordingly. Beyond the Box Score digs deep and calls the rumored trade a win for the Padres.