The Donald is having trouble selling condos in his atrocious new downtown mixed-use skyscraper (memorably described by the usually sunny Edward Lifson as a bad Houston building), so he’s convened a press conference to do some begging. Trump blames the slow housing market in Chicago, though it’s worth noting the best way to slow the housing market is to make your condo costs approximately double last year’s costs at non-ugly buildings like the Heritage or Aqua.

Once upon a time the Trump name might have meant something, at least for rich people with bad taste. Now, I fear (and secretly delight in the fact) that he’s finally pissed away his brand for good. You really can’t go any lower than shaving Vince McMahon’s head on pay-per-view (though there’s always porn, I guess), a stunningly poor idea when you’re trying to pitch yourself as a merchant of sophisticated living. I realize there’s plenty of dumb money floating around here, but Trump may have actually gotten dumber than the market can bear.