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A girl just called in to Power 92 looking to beg for tickets to Jay-Z’s sold-out-in-a-minute show at the House of Blues next week. It wasn’t ticket giveaway time yet, but Donnie Devoe offered to give her a ticket if she’d go up to her boss—she was at work—and slap him across the face with her thong.

She declined, but I imagine there are more than a few women out there who’d go through with it. Actually, if they played it right, I’m sure the Power 92 DJs could easily turn much of Chicago into their own personal army by dangling Jigga tickets in front of them. I’d kind of like to see them use said personal army to pull a Chitown coup and overthrow the city government. I’m sure that a bunch of DJs from the station that’s Number One in the Streets couldn’t do a worse job of running things. Then again I’m the guy who wrote in “replace everyone in city government with a drawing of kitties” on my ballot in the last election, a decision I still stand by 100 percent.