The dean of the business school at the University of Wisconsin has pulled off one of the great feats of 21st century fundraising, and someone should inform the Sun-Times editorial board, or maybe the Pritzker family. The U. of C.’s Steven Levitt, at the Freakonomics blog, writes:

He managed to raise $85 million in return for promising not to name the school for the next 20 years. A bunch of boosters liked the fact that the school is simply called the “University of Wisconsin Business School,” and they were willing to pay to keep it that way, at least for 20 years. . . . For $50,000, you can have a classroom not named after you. For $5,000, you can not have your name on a plaque in the entryway to the building. For those of you with a little less to give, $50 will guarantee that the urinal of your choice will go unnamed.