• Lydia Gorham

For the past two years, Reader staffers have created itineraries of what we planned on doing for a particular day of the Pitchfork Music Festival. Since there is so much to do at the annual Union Park shindig, itineraries have proven useful for festivalgoers to navigate the Converse-treaded terrain. Because we wanted to read what other people’s itineraries would look like, we invited readers to submit their own and gave our favorite submitters free three-day passes to the fest (and published their itineraries online and in print). Well, opportunity knocks again!

E-mail your hour-by-hour, band-by-band itinerary (a maximum of 200 words please) for Friday, July 18 (the first day of Pitchfork), along with your full name to pitchforkitinerary@chicagoreader.com by noon tomorrow (July 9). We will be asking the winner for a photo and a brief byline (e.g. Clark Kent, intrepid reporter and superhero). Bonus points for being clever, of course—and feel free to suggest stuff to do at Pitchfork besides watch bands.

Not only will the person who submits our favorite itinerary receive a three-day VIP pass, we’ll also print the winner’s itinerary in our July 17 Pitchfork issue (and online a few days before that). Just a heads-up: if you win, we’ll be asking you for a photo we can run with your itinerary.

If you want to go to the festival for free and for all three days, this is a pretty fun way to do it. We look forward to reading all the ways you can insult Beck, avoid port-a-potties, and approach the other assorted obstacles you might encounter at one of the city’s least-crowded and best-managed music festivals.