Booze Void
  • Booze Void

Most regions of the country are known for a certain sound. Chicago, for instance, is currently responsible for a lot of Krauty and psych bands. Music out of Providence has always been really noisy and far-out. When most people think about the rock music that comes out of Atlanta, they go to punky power-pop bands—think Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Barreracudas. But Atlanta’s Wymyns Prysyn, who will be town this Saturday for two shows, don’t have any of those sonic qualities. Instead of taking influences from Cheap Trick, they sound a lot like the Wipers, fusing old-school hardcore with dark moods and bizarre dissonance. This is the type of band that’s constantly putting out singles and tapes, so much so that I have trouble keeping track of their output. Their Bandcamp page lets you listen to their Booze Void tour tape in full, a release from late last year that has since been broken up into a number of seven-inches. Its seven tracks are tough, weird, and catchy, with the aforementioned Wipers influence at the forefront. Wymyns Prysyn delve into noise-rock a little bit too, punctuating their creepy, proggy hardcore with blasts of fuzz and feedback.

You can listen to Booze Void after the jump, where there are also details for both of their Saturday shows.