• Kid Sister avec small dog

I don’t really have the time to keep up with MTV reality shows (I don’t have cable, either), so all I really know about former From G’s to Gents contestant Riff Raff comes from his profile page on the show’s website. Apparently he “says that he cheated his way through 11th grade and once started a fight in school because he was bored.” Also, he lives “in an apartment decorated like a nightclub, complete with turntables, blacklights and a ‘Riff Raff’ banner,” which makes me kinda like the guy.

He’s also a rapper, I guess. His new single, “Hide & Seek,” features production by Sinden and 5kinandbone5 and both a sung hook and a rapped verse from Kid Sister, who’s currently living in Los Angeles (but we’re not mad at her).

Kid Sis’s contribution is stronger than Riff Raff’s, but I have to admit that I’m basically in love with his line, “Pull up on you jokes in my yacht-style boat.” “Yacht-style boat” is one of those phrases you just want to put on a T-shirt.

The video, featuring Kid Sister in a head wrap with a very small collie, is after the jump: