• John J. Kim/Sun-Times Media
  • Alejandro De Aza, out at third in a game last September

If the White Sox don’t win the Central Divison title, Kevin Kaduk! will be personally responsible.

Kaduk! writes for Big League Stew, a baseball blog for Yahoo! Sports. On Friday, Kaduk! pointed out that White Sox leadoff hitter Alejandro De Aza had “a shot at a rare achievement”—he’d been to the plate 555 times this season, and had yet to ground into a double play. Kaduk! said that if De Aza could go the rest of the season without grounding into a double play, he’d be just the fifth batting-title-qualified player since 1942 to do it. “It’s a nice blend of achievement and luck for anyone to go through an entire season without grounding into a double play and we’ll see if De Aza gets there,” Kaduk! wrote.

I wondered how many no hitters Kaduk! had spoiled by blabbing about them in the seventh inning. The four other players who’d avoided GIDP for a full year—Craig Biggio in 1997, Rob Deer in 1990, Dick McAuliffe in 1968, and Pete Reiser in 1942—didn’t have to worry about some Yahoo! blogging about it prematurely.