• Jiang Wen (seated) and his bandit gang let the bullets fly.

Tonight’s your last chance to see Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly before it ends its weeklong run at Facets Multimedia (though if you pass it up in favor of Block Cinema’s free screening of The Home and the World or Doc Films’ revival of Fulltime Killer, I guess I can’t blame you). It’s the most entertaining movie to play Chicago in at least a month, rich in verbal wit, big action sequences, and historical detail—and striking a harmonious balance between all three. In my short review last week, I invoked both Shakespeare and Billy Wilder to describe the classical pleasures of Jiang’s comic storytelling; I also could have mentioned Sergio Leone to describe his epic sense of scale. It’s easy to understand why Bullets is the highest-grossing domestic production in mainland Chinese history—if only a larger U.S. distributor picked it up, the film could’ve been a crossover hit like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.