Is the Reader unhealthily obsessed with tonight’s show at the Beat Kitchen? Possibly. Reyan Ali interviewed LA “pony thrash” group Mika Miko for us, and Brian Costello has a capsule on super-retro Texas garage outfit the Strange Boys in the current List. Oh, and Hopper’s getting in on the action with a blog post begging you to check out Mika Miko.

So I may as well add my voice to the crowd and say that you should definitely be there. Mika Miko is one of the best, most insane live groups currently walking the planet, and the Strange Boys do dirty, bluesy jangle pretty much exactly how it should be done. 

Let me also say a few words recommending opener Ty Segall, who has totally earned the frequent comparisons to Jay Reatard insofar as they’re both slightly weird dudes who kick out excellently catchy, garage-y songs at the same rate most of us produce carbon dioxide. Musically, though, the comparison falls apart–where Reatard’s songs rage and twitch like a coked-up lunatic, Segall’s would be happy just sort of hanging out on the couch. Both his self-titled album from last year and his new Lemons (Goner) are packed with unfussy, unhurried pop fuzz with a heavy Troggs flavor.

Segall is playing a free show at Permanent Records at 6 PM with self-described “moonthrash” outfit Charlie & the Moonhearts and local garage champs CoCoComa, whose recent output includes not only a full-length album for Goner Records–due this fall–but also an actual human baby, born to drummer-vocalist Bill Roe and guitarist Lisa Roe. Congratulations Bill and Lisa!