• Ohad Knoller stars as the title character.

A heart surgeon (Ohad Knoller) is so committed to his career that it seems unhealthy. Regularly taking extra shifts, napping at the hospital because he can’t sleep at home, he’s using work to fill a void in his life; anyone can see that. His colleagues want to help him but don’t know how; he’s so stoic that no one can tell exactly what his problem is. A receptionist invites him to a play but doesn’t want to scare him off by calling it a date. A fellow doctor, a confident jock type, tells him he needs to get laid and pats him on the back.

Maybe that’s the answer, he thinks; the immediacy of the act might reawaken him to himself. The surgeon uses the Internet to find random sex. (The arrangement is a perfect fit for his personality: practical, anonymous . . . ) He visits the apartment of his match, a physically fit man a few years his junior. Nothing comes of it. The younger man takes offense that the surgeon had introduced himself with a years-old picture, which promised a skinnier, more fashionable, and happier-looking man.