Over the past week I’ve exchanged a bunch of emails with Wayne Marshall who, among a ton of other endeavors, blogs over at Wayne and Wax. (You’ll be able to read one of our talks in my column next week.) He and I are both fascinated by the socio-cultural currents that kick up in certain musical communities, like the current war in dancehall between hardline old-school homophobes and a new generation of flamboyant male dancers lifting moves and fashions from the gay community.

His blog also put me onto something even stranger and more amazing: the hyper-niche phenomenon called “sissy bounce.” Bounce music–a hedonistic and highly danceable variant of hip-hop largely based on samples from two old rap songs–is rarely heard outside of New Orleans. And one corner of the NO bounce scene is populated, unexpectedly enough, by MCs who happen to also be transvestites. Being an out-and-proud gay crossdressing MC in one of the most thugged-out hip-hop scenes in America is way more badass than you or I will ever be.

As a fan both of bounce and fabulous drag queens, I was delighted to find out that sissy bounce even exists, not to mention the fact that tranny MC Katey Red has had been blowing up in the straight bounce scene and that she, Sissy Nobby, and Big Freedia absolutely slay on the mike. Here’s a piece on the sissy scene by Alison Fensterstock at the NO alt Gambit Weekly; DJ/producer Dre Skull recently hooked XLR8R up with a photoblog and a streamable sissy bounce mix.