Chris Bowers writes:

“[Paris] Hilton’s response is now the top story on Google News, and apparently the McCain campaign is receiving so many media requests about it, that they had to post a response on their website. They have gotten into a spat with Paris Hilton, which there is basically no way to win. Hilton has nothing to lose, and the back and forth just highlights the frivolic idiocy of McCain’s recent attacks.” 

If you want to know why I’ve stepped away from blogging in a nutshell, it probably has less to do with the substantial projects I have on my plate than the fact that I don’t have the tolerance or the money to do the spectrum of psychoactive illegal drugs it would require to understand the coming events of the next three months, which will determine the future Leader of the Free World. (Did I mention that The Mayor is putting off the city’s DEFCON-3 budget to attend a world party of obscure sports thrown by the Chinese government, the IOC, and Coca-Cola? And that the athletes are wearing masks so they don’t get instant black lung? We want to invite who over in 2016?)

It’s not so much that I don’t have a joke here–and I don’t–as I don’t have a clue, anymore. I’ve read most of the classics of campaign literature going back to Theodore White’s The Making of the President, and none of it prepared me for Paris Hilton going on Funny or Die and pwning the possible future president of the United States. And it making the public debate over who will lead our country more substantial than it had been previously. When Funny or Die is doing David Axelrod’s job better than him, we are in strange times.

It’s a good time for Web design and power outages, is what I’m saying.