I’m going to have to start charging Mayor Daley for all the advice I’ve been giving him for free.

Last year, I wrote a story saying if Daley “really wants to bring the Olympics to Chicago, I suggest he move the site of the proposed equestrian center out of Lake County.”

My point was that he was stirring up more local opposition than he could handle with his plans to stick stables, riding paths, a 15,000-seat stadium, and a barn in the middle of the Lakewood Forest Preserve.

Unlike the wimps here in Chicago, who take whatever beating the mayor offers and ask for more, the residents of Lake County don’t mess around. They don’t want Daley and his Olympics team paving over their forest preserve and they weren’t afraid to say so. They created an organization (Voters for Preservation) and a Web site, besieged the International Olympic Committee with letters and e-mail of opposition, and, perhaps most significant, put up candidates to run against Lake County Forest Preserve board members who had voted for the Equestrian Center.

The result? This morning Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee, which is coordinating the city’s bid, sent out a press release announcing that the proposed Equestrian Facility is being sited at Tempel Farms, a stable in Lake County. The release quotes Bonnie Thomson Carter, one of the Forest Preserve District members running for her reelection life, saying, “We were honored to have been considered as a potential site for the Olympic Equestrian Facility.”

In a Sun-Times blog post on the move, Doug Arnot, Chicago 2016 director of sports and operations, says local opposition had nothing to do with the change of venue.

Right. I say if enough Chicagoans say no, we won’t get the games and the higher taxes and loss of park space that comes with them. It’s just too much of a headache for the International Olympic Committee to shove a project down the throats of people who don’t want it.

Because Daley didn’t take all of my advice — he took the proposed center out of the forest preserve but kept it in Lake County — he’s still not out of the woods. When I told Jay Glenn, a leader of the anti-Olympics movement in Lake County, about the change he said, “I’m happy as far as Lakewood is concerned, but I don’t believe one tax penny of taxpayers dollars should go to the Olympics.”

So here’s some more advice for Mayor Daley: Just forget about the Olympics. Spend the money on schools and parks and stuff that we really need. Folks will call you a hero. I’ll give you all the credit. If anyone asks, I’ll say it was your idea all along.