The city election campaigns released funding reports yesterday, and as expected Mayor Daley raked in contributions from business leaders around the city. In a race against two black challengers, Daley also received contributions from prominent African-American leaders such as Bishop Arthur Brazier, a former Harold Washington supporter and leader of the Woodlawn Organization; Reverend Richard Tolliver, whose Saint Edmund’s Episcopal Church has worked closely with the city on south-side affordable housing development; the law firm of James Montgomery, who served as corporation counsel in the Washington administration; James Compton, former head of the Chicago Urban League; and Hermene Hartman, publisher of the weekly newspaper N’Digo.

The expenditure side of the ledger shows that campaign chairman Terry Peterson earns $5,184.23 every two weeks, which would work out to about $135,000 a year. That’s actually a pay cut from the $183,700 he made as CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority before resigning to run the campaign.