“BALTIMORE, Md., June 11, 2007 –Eighteen Baltimore Sun photojournalists launched a byline strike today protesting Tribune Co.’s move to force reporters to become photographers and videographers as a way to cut costs.

If Chicago-based Tribune has its way, reporters at The Sun, with little or no experience in photography, will not only be required to shoot still pictures, but take pictures with video cameras for submission to the paper’s website while they are conducting interviews and writing stories on deadline.”

On one hand, doing this for the purpose of cutting costs is pretty damn chintzy. Can’t they get rid of Jonah Goldberg? Or skip their coverage of McDonalds PR initiatives? Even eliminating the unsigned editorials would be better for newspaper quality.

On the other hand, multitasking is good for the soul, I think was how Marx put it.

(Romenesko via Beachwood