Last week the Village Voice published a scathing review of Pelican’s latest album, What We All Come to Need, by critic Stewart Voegtlin, in which he takes them to task for their “pancake-handed attempts to fuse phony triumphalism with the concrete-feet prog with which Neurosis took its baby steps but eventually, wisely discarded.” He then goes on to rip on Baroness, Mastodon, Torche, and other allegedly similar bands for (I guess) not being metal enough, or perhaps just not being metal in the right way.

The review hasn’t been received kindly in certain parts of the metal world, but I wasn’t aware of the beef until the Daily Swarm posted a link to the review and to a well-written response from Justin Foley of the Austerity Program, a band that could easily be deemed “not metal enough” by the standards Voegtlin seems to be using.