I was reading through a bunch of old Reader articles the other day – the best and/or most intriguing of which are stored here in a running list – and I realized, as I sometimes do, that I’m thankful to work here, because I get to work with or otherwise participate in publishing the work of some truly remarkable writers and photographers, and generally be part of a field that I’ve loved since high school, basically since I read this book (the essay by Brent Staples is a remarkable portrait of a Hyde Park winter, among other things).

I’m thankful to have helped publish writers like the late Jeff Felshman. I wasn’t here, or even out of high school yet, when War Bonds ran, but I did process images for and post Hell In a Cell, for example.

Posting doesn’t sound very exciting, and technically speaking it’s not, but my grandfather was a pressman at the Lynchburg News & Advance, so being part of the production chain, even at the very end of it, means a lot to me.

I’m not going home for Thanksgiving, and I miss home, but I’m also thankful to live here in Chicago: