Paige Morgan

At the end of What Jesus Meant, Garry Wills comes to Good Friday. He writes, “Dark and mysterious as is the whole matter of the Incarnation and the Passion, perhaps a single thing can help us think of them.” And then Wills relates a simple personal anecdote. His young son woke up one night crying. He had had a bad dream, a nightmare. When Wills asked what was troubling him, the little boy said that a nun in his school had told the children that they would end up in hell if they sinned. “Am I going to hell?” the little boy asked his father. Wills writes, “There is not an ounce of heroism in my nature, but I instantly announced what any father, any parent would: ‘All I can say is that if you’re going there, I’m going with you.’”

–John M. Buchanan, Fourth Presbyterian Church (126 E. Chestnut), “If You’re Going, I’m Going With You”

See also: “Good People” by David Foster Wallace.